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Beware The Big Bad Wolf

I'm sure you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.
Suppose that Red represents the innocent child only recently born into the world and that her Grandma is her at the end of her life.
She is heading through the woods which stand for life and all the dangers and troubles she will encounter.
Now, here is the central concept of this book.
Her purpose in visiting her Grandma. To deliver to her the basket of goodies.
But along the way the Big Bad Wolf puts in an appearance and ends up replacing Grandma and in fact tries to impersonate her in her bed.
The basket of goodies symbolises what Red was born with, her uniqueness, her special qualities and talents, her destiny - the ingredients for the goodies which are what she has made with her unique talents.
By taking the basket of goodies through the forest - her life - to Grandma, Red at the end of her life, is she trying to tell us something no-one else is telling us?
That we were not born with a 'clean …